Servo motor: PWM or not, which pins?

Hy everybody,

i'm writing a script in MATLAB to control a digital servo motor Savox 1268sg with Genuino board, i've connected the servo control to pin 4 that isn't PWM but everything works fine and servo moves exactly; i've read in many articles that servos must cotrolled with PWM mod, for example pin 3. I've tried both, pin 3 and 4, and servo works in the same way.

Does anyone known why?

Thanks in advance,

The Servo library can control a servo using any pin. Because the Servo library uses hardware Timer1 you cannot use PWM on the pins controlled by Timer 1 while using the Servo library. On an Uno they are pins 9 and 10. RTFM


Ok i understand the first part relative to MATLAB servo library, but i don't understand what i should doing with pin 9 and 10 that i cant't do with pin 4.

pins 3,5,6,9,10,11 support hardware PWM on the ATmega328, pin 4 does not.

The Servo library can drive any pin at all because it is done in software, not hardware,
using interrupts from timer1 (which controls PWM on pins 9 and 10).