Servo motor question, I can't cut off the current even if I do Servo.detach()

First, please understand that my English is not that good.

I'm currently controlling the servo motor of RC cars with Arduino.

Even if I enter the Servo.detach() code, the servo motor continues to exert force.

The drive itself stops at the last position, but the current seems to be going in to keep that position.

In the end, I need to remove the signal line connected to Arduino and servo motor by hand to get the result I want.

I want to stop the signal current supply itself using the code. So that it can move smoothly even when it's moved by hand.

Is there any way to solve this problem?

Below is a question written in my native language, Korean.


저는 현재, RC카의 서보모터를 아두이노로 제어하고 있는데요,

제가 Servo.detach() 코드를 입력해주어도, 서보모터에 계속 힘이 들어갑니다.

구동 자체는 마지막 위치에서 멈추지만, 그 위치를 계속 유지하려고 전류가 들어가고 있는 것 같아요.

결국 아두이노와 서보모터에 연결된 신호 선을 손으로 직접 제거해줘야만 제가 원하는 결과가 나옵니다.

저는 코드를 이용해 신호 전류 공급 자체를 멈추고 싶습니다. 손으로 움직였을때도 부드럽게 움직일 수 있게 말이죠.

혹시 이 문제를 해결하는 방안이 있을까요?

That's an interesting idea, but your servo seems not to support such an option.

The servo gear box may prevent manual movement even with power removed.

Place to begin would be look up how a servo operates as it seems you lack the knowledge.
There are many places on the internet that explain it.

If you want to isolate supply completely from the servo then place a 2N7000 mosfet in the supply line positive and just after detach (if really necessary,) turn off the digital pin to the mosfet.

Perhaps if you explain the project as a whole there might be a better explanation on how to do what you want.

RC servo operation is defined only for signals of 1-2 ms pulses. What prevents a servo from cutting off motor power with no pulses received?

Hi, @doyoon_kong

Will your servo tolerate being driven by hand?
If it has nylon gears, it may break if you try to turn it manually.

Can you please post a link to data/specs of your servo?

Tom... :smiley: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

The whole cutting power thing is a joke anyhow so why not add to the circus.

How do you propose to use an N-channel small signal FET rated to 200 mA to switch the positive for a servo? :roll_eyes:

Oh! So you were joking! :crazy_face:

It's not under load so typically only current running would be servo board idle current.

As far as the positive line, I think you know full well what I was referring to.

The Op did say, "I can't cut off the current" so I said how to do it.

Many requests in here don't make any sense and it could be just a scam.

Don't shoot the messenger.

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