Servo motor to open / close door (When power off)

Hey guys i want to use a servo motor as a door lock i will mount it on the inside over my door handle/knob where the lock is. And just get it to rotate .

Wondering in the case where f.example the power runs out . Would it be possible for me to rotate the servo manually ? Like putting the key into the lock and turn ? or will it be "stuck" thanks guys !

PS Have also heard that if you do it "manually" it can generate a current that can destroy the electronics connected to it.

Would have to see how the servo moves the lock to be able to say whether a key would move it.

It is not good for a servo to be moved by hand. Puts a lot of stress on some gear train parts.

You mean a servo? Or a servomotor? Many servomotors have brakes and lock when unpowered, but
typical servomotors cost thousands...

So if you mean a servo, you need one designed to be back-driven - that's definitely not a standard

Perhaps if you described the particular door hardware you wish to operate, a suitable mechanism
can be selected. Otherwise we may be in xyproblem territory again. Explain what you want to
achieve, not how you think it can be done...