Servo motor torque

Hi, i am new to arduino so please be understandable.

I am working on projeckt where i need to include servo motor or something similar, which will be able to turn 30 times x 360 degree, but i need a constant feedback, in which position is the motor. Should i use servo, stepper or some other motor? I need torque for example 20kg/cm and speed is not important.

Thank you for answers

Servos that turn 360 degrees, don't have any position control. That capability disappears when servos become continuous rotation instead of "normal".

If you need to know where the motor is at all times, you probably need a stepper.

Btw, torque is, not kg/cm.

But do stepper motor give feedback, how many times has been rotated.

I don't think they give feedback, but you have control over the steps so as long as the motor has enough torque it should get to where you want.

You can add a shaft encoder to any motor.

20kg/cm is not a torque value, its a linear mass density. 20kgf-cm (kilogram-force centimeter) is a torque, and its 2Nm approx, which means you'll either need a large stepper (NEMA34 running at several amps), or a gear-motor with an encoder and a PID-loop to provide servo-control (turn the motor into a servo-motor).

Note that hobby servos are not to be confused with a full-blown servo motor which has controllable position with no limits on rotation - industrial servo-motors are very expensive, but it is possible to roll you own given a motor, motor driver and an encoder and operating a feedback loop in software.

You can add gearing to a stepper motor if a smaller stepper would be better, but without knowing the power requirement there's no real way to judge what your application needs.