Servo Motor

Hi all,

I am running an arduino uno from my windows 8 PC and have ran into a problem. It very perplexing because this same code worked this time yesterday. I have used this code many times in the past in fact and this is the first time I have had any problems with it. The code is a variation of sweep that makes a servo motor rotate only a set number of degrees from its center of movement. When I press run, the code uploads with no errors, but the ‘L’ light will flicker then remains on, as does the ‘TX’ light. I have not changed, or uploaded any of my hardware since yesterday. The arduino is connected to my PC via a USB cord, and powered externally. Any information would be greatly appreciated. The code itself is attached. Thank you.

motor_code.ino (5.09 KB)

I have had similar problems when the Flash is wearing out. Try with the blink then a few other programs to see if they load ok. I have a feeling they will not. I also experience the same problem with my current project, it is in the 28K of flash usage. I noticed if it sat a while it would then program. I put a small fan on it and it helped a lot, long enough for me to get another arduino, I will use that one for a non critical project.
Good Luck & Have Fun!