Servo motors and pots,

can anyone help? I'm new to this and can't find easy advice,
I want to control servo motors with potentiometers to get started on an animatronic skulls lips ,

Let's say to get started with 3 servos, how do I manually control these with something like a potentiometer?

I want to do this with Arduino as eventually I want to use code to let it the lips of the skull move by its own means, but for now I'd like to be able to control these servos manually, ?

Open up Arduino and go to: File -> Examples -> Servo -> Knob

There you go :wink:

And you may find THIS: page helpful. The software sketch is clearer, I think.

You should be able to add potentiometers and servos.

And the page HERE: has examples of using a Joystick (2 potentiometers, right?). Near the bottom of the page is a software sketch that controls two servos with a joystick.

Have fun. Ask Questions. That's Arduino ...

There is some servo code in planning and implementing a program.