Servo Motors PWM pins, Arduino Uno

I wanted to understand how people are connecting a servo motor to pins without PWM, so I went searching and I read that the Servo library uses the timer1 of pin 9 and pin 10 to be able to use other pins.

I would like to ask some questions about this.

Could I connect a servo motor on pin 12 by emulation of the library, and another servo on pin 9, another on pin 10 and another on pin 11 at the same time?

Or using the Servo library the PWM in pin 9 and 10 stops working? I could then through library emulation connect one servo on pin 7, another on 8, another on 12 and another on 13 ? 4 emulations at the same time?

analogWrite functionality on pins 9 and 10 ceases, but the Servo library can still use those pins.

Servos using the Servo library will work on any pins including pins 9 and 10. It is only the analogWrite() PWM function that is disabled on those two pins. The Servo library does not use analogWrite().