Servo Noise

Hello! I just used an Uno with two classic small servos. I wired the circuit so the Uno did not supply power but just the signal to prevent strain on power. The code provided simply made servo 1 move, servo two move, and so on. Really its just the example servo sweep code modified to two servos. As Servo 1 holds place while Servo 2 moves, you get that annoying low rattle noise. Or course the problem is so subtle that it’s fine if nothing can be done, but of course fixing it would be great too. :slight_smile: As you can see, i even tried turning the other signal pin off as the other Servo moved. Didnt really help too much.

Thank you for any help you offer,


And hey, whatever happens we know that Arduino rules :slight_smile:

two_servo_sweep.ino (1.44 KB)

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The noise results from the steps and delays in your code.