servo not working (I can hear the spinning sound though...)

Hi everyone

I am working on project 05 from the starter kit : Mood Cue, which involves using a servo.

first of all, the male header pins did not really stick firmly to the servo female connector, so I had to hold it with my hand when it was running. This was not help by the potentiometer not sticking firmly to the breadboard !

In any case, when the program is running, I can hear my servo making “spinning” noise, but it is not spinning. any idea what may have gone wrong?


I can hear my servo making "spinning" noise, but it is not spinning

Sounds like something is broken inside the servo. Maybe the gears are stripped.

You are supply the servo with the USB which only can supply about 500mA, may not able to operate the servo.
You need external supply.

this is the servo I have:

I connect it to 5V, which should be fine to move it I believe?

500 ma over usb should be okto run most servos without being under load.

If It Whirrs and doesnt move Its Almost Certainly Stripped Gears, Or the Pot Isnt Being Moved By The Main Cog

Power may be shy a bit.
Did you try the example code “servo sweep” ?
If you try to move the servo a bigger distance, it uses lots more power, so try small steps.
If this does not help, put up your sketch.

For anyone who may have this problem, I set up the Mood Cue exercise as the OP had because the potentiometer is larger then the exercise's diagram indicates. I had the same results as the OP. The servo worked when I placed everything on the same half of the breadboard, albeit a tight fit.