servo on pin 0 and 1 (20 servos online)

I have kinda hardware issues I can't figure out.

I'm using the standard arduino with 20 servos = every pin controls one.
I have an external powersupply strong enough to provide at least 100mA for every servo.

But as soon as I connect servos to pin 0 and 1 those two are shaking and responde barely and wrong( like they have not enough power, etc.) The rest still works fine.

I know those pins are special and you have to shortcut them if you use arduino without USB (already done that possibly I shot something?)

Thankful for any comments and debugging ideas.


If the servos work ok on all the other pins then you probably have not disconnected pins 0 and 1. are you sending or receiving anything over serial when testing the servos?

Good point, when I send to the servo on pin 0 or 1 only the one on pin 0 response with a short flickerin, but seems more like distortion to me, so no theres no response.

What do you mean with, they are not disconnected. (physically they are, because the servos in plugged)

On a standard board, pins 0 and 1 are connected to the Serial hardware. It sounds like that is what is causing your problem.

I use a board like this for applications that need all the pins.

Removing the smaller IC disconnects the serial line.