servo or stepper for arm?


btw where can I see the source code loaded on the stepper motor drivers chips,

Can you please tell us your electronics, programming, Arduino, hardware experience?

The code does not get loaded to the stepper motor drivers.
The libraries simply turn our mundane commands like, forward, stop, fast slow, into the necessary digital output to control the stepper driver.

It sounds like you are over thinking EVERYTHING, instead of getting some hardware and PROGRAMMING.

If you are interested in what is going on in the driver chip, download the data sheet and read it.

Get you hands dirty and experiment.

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to check the data sheet is a good idea : D

yep, for what I can understand from the IC schematic of the Allegro A4988, the chip is with logic components and no loaded code or programmable components, so it will react based on the signal that receives here is the IC circuit: “in the attached file”

and no loaded code or programmable components,

As I surmised in Reply #10


Just a suggestion to help us TRY to understand you .

  • Open a text editor or word processor.
  • Write what you want to put in your posting.
  • When you have written it.
  • STOP (I dont think you do)
  • Read what you have written.
  • If it is all running together in a continuous line of text from line to line, then find the beginings of sentences and start them on a new line.
  • When you have done that.
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  • Do steps 9, 10 and 11 again.
  • STOP.
  • If you believe it conveys what you want to say and answers questions put to you, then copy and paste it into a forum message editor.

Sorry, but I look at your postings and it looks like you have just typed what has instantly jumped out of your head, and no editing to make sure you are conveying what you want concisely.

I have a similar problem, where my mind can run so far ahead of what I write, that my handwriting is bloody terrible, and its not cos I'm left handed,

Thank goodness for PCs, I have been through two keyboards on my work laptop, Toshiba, 5mins to fit $20 keyboard.

I ALWAYS read back what I have written, to make sure what I write is legible and passes what my thoughts are, not always right but I think I do it so I convey clearly how wrong I am.

If you note this post is layed out so it can easily be read, and hopefully comprehended.

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Hint. Use point form.

where can be seen the .cpp addressing and bootloader for the atmega328p? which files are for this model?