Servo overheating and shaft not moving

My servo motor is overheating and not working, I've powered it separately from the arduino board, same challenge, please, advise

Never power a servo from the Arduino board -- that will damage the Arduino. Use a separate power supply and connect all the grounds.

You are probably running the servo into an end stop.

Oops, I ran it to 170°

Please, I need advice

What servo is it? How are you driving it? If you're using the Servo library then 170 degrees will indeed run some servos to the end stops and stall them (the default range of that library is very wide). If the servo has been stalled for long then it may well be damaged.

Can you test the servo with the Knob example from the IDE. If it still works then you just need to work out what range you can safely drive the servo to and change your code.


Thanks Steve, I'll use the knob, though I tried with the sweep program, didn't run at all