servo position using 4 buttons and LCD angle

HI, can any one help please, i am trying to build a platform that can rotate from zero deg to 270 deg in 90 deg stops.
It needs to be 4 buttons, one press of button 1 takes it to the new position, then the press button 2 to the next position ......and so on.

This is going to work on two 270deg servos these work in the same direction.
I would like the angle of the platform to show on an LCD screen.

I am ok with the schematic, it is just the codes im stuck on.
I have looked on the internet and most are rotary pots and not good for this design.

Any help or a link to this sort of thing would be a great help to me. Once i have it working i will post it on here.

The button tutorial is probably a good place to start.
Wire it up and confirm that you can upload the code

The sweep tutorial is a good place to start with servos.
Wire that up and upload the code. Confirm that you can change the code to alter the sweep duration.
Also, the sweep tutorial shows servos powered from the arduino 5v pin. This almost works with a single, small unloaded servo. It teaches new users quickly that the 5v pin should not be used to power motors doing real work like yours will. Look into a separate power supply for the servos.

Then combine the 2 efforts.

Problems along the way? We love to help! Post your code (using code tags) and let us know what you expected to happen and what actually happened.

Edit: Can you post a link to the servos you have?

Use the forum Google search function in the upper right of this page to search for the key words of your project, like "servo button". You will probably find many similar previous project discussions and code to get you started.