Servo power and signal voltage


I want to make a self-balancing robot with Futaba continouos rotation servos. I would like to power the servos from 4XAA 1.2V batteries since they might draw to much current for the Arduino. How do I get my control signal to the servos to the correct voltage. The servo VIN pin will get 4.8V while the output from the Arduino will be 5V.


Principal: Servo_+ to Ack_+, Servo_- to Ack_- to Arduino_-, Servo_Signal to Arduino_Output.

Just remember; AA cells dont last long before recharging. And you cant adjust servo speed. Well, not really. Just sort of. Eh, I will explain later if you are interested.

Why not use small rc bruschless esc-motor combos instead? And LiPo cells? If you havent bought the servos yet, its almost the same money.

I have already bought the servos and built the platform for the robot so I will try with servos first.

What do you mean with Ack?


Sorry Anders, I often write from my way of speaking... Ack = Ackumulator = BatteryPack.

Servo_+ to BatteryPack_+ , Servo_- to BatteryPack_- to Arduino_- , Servo_Signal to Arduino_Output .

So you think it is ok to power the servo with 4.8V and give it a control signal of 5V?

No problem at all. I fact, its common to feed the servo separatly .