servo power consumption

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so i built this solar tracker using servo motors one controls the the vertical axis and another controls the horizontal direction. i power booth by an arduino uno using the 5v pin. the thing is, its pretty complicated to know how much current the servos are drawing for some reason! but from the arduino page i know max current can be drawn from an arduino pin is 200mA, now i'm trying to calculate how much my servo would use current if it was only to move 15deg/hour(the tracking speed) and the rest on idle. is there is a way ? basically i'm trying to show how much power i'm wasting on powering the motors with respect to generating more power from a solar panel by tracking.. if you get what i mean (i think i confused you !)

if someone can help he would literally be a life saver!!!

in easier terms would i use less current if i only move 15deg/hour ?

Don't try to power servos or motors from the 5V output of an Arduino. You will damage the Arduino if you do so.

Use a separate power supply for the servos, and connect the grounds together.

Servos can consume 5 or more watts while moving. For slow movements, small motors with large gear ratios are much better.

How much power does your solar panel produce?

solar panel produces 5.5 watts, i was just trying to see if im using less power if my motor is moving really slow i.e 15deg/hour

I would think one of the big reductions in power consumption would be to balance the mechanical system so that the servos are not bearing the load.

Current consumed by a servo is not just how fast you move it, but how much load it has to move and keep in position.

In some applications you may find in a stationary position the servo may pulse current because the shaft load my keep moving it out of the position it has been set to.

As advised, do not use the Arduino 5V t supply the servos.
What type are they, post make model and link to specs/data please.

To conserve power you may need to put your controller to sleep and power it up and adjust the PV every 15min or hour.

Are you tracking the sun or using a tine based algorithm to calculate azimuth/el?
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