servo power consumption

Hello everyone, i'm experimenting with tower pro sg90 servos i want to drive two of them but i have a problem with the power supply here's the specifications of the servo :

Weight: 9 g
Dimension: 22.2 x 11.8 x 31 mm approx.
Stall torque: 1.8 kgf·cm
Operating speed: 0.1 s/60 degree
Operating voltage: 4.8 V (~5V)
Dead band width: 10 µs
Temperature range: 0 ºC – 55 ºC

I want to use a my phone chargeur that supply 5v 1 amp will it be enough to power 3 sg90 servos ?

Only if you can guarantee that only one servo will be moving at any time.

It's usually worth allowing roughly 1A per servo though you can often get away with a little less if they're not all going to be starting up at once.


the problem is the 3 of them will work together

the problem is the 3 of them will work together

That is not a problem. The problem is that you are trying to do this with an inadequate power supply.
Get a better power supply.

will 5v 3 amp power supply will be enough ?

The math says Yes.
Batteries are often used as power for servos. 4 AA batteries work well.