Servo Problem - Is there a problem with the Library?

I’m trying to control 8 RC servo’s from the Arduino using the Servo library.

I have tried this on the Mega and on the Duemilanove how ever for some reason, the 5th servo to be attached does not work. I have initially tried this with creating a servo array, then removed the array and used 8 different names.

I tried swapping the pins, swapping servo’s and finally came to realise that the 5th servo being attached "Servo5.attach(9)" in the program to any pin just does not work. Servo’s 1,2,3,4,6,7,8 work just dandy.

Any ideas?

the 5th servo to be attached does not work

Did it go on strike? Has it joined a socialist revolution and is demanding shared ownership of the Arduino?

As is often the case, posting your code will help us troubleshoot.