Servo problems

Hello, i used to plug servos in the same way i did it today (powerd with a 9v block and with data in pin 9). I ran the example programm sweep BUT today one servo only moved right when i plugt it in ( i plugd him in multiple times and he always moved a bit and the other onely did stange noises. I am really confused because the same setup has workt perfactly in the past.

I would be really thankful for a quick solve and please excuse my english. :D

Post your code
Post a photo of a drawing of how everything is connected. (A photo of the hardware is no good).

Are you trying to power the servos from the Arduino 5v pin - DON’T.
Servos need their own power supply with the servo GND connected to the Arduino GND

What do you mean by a 9v block?


Robin2: What do you mean by a 9v block?

I would guess OP means a PP3?

Most servos are rated for 4.8 to 6V or sometimes 7.2V. 9V is too much to expect reliable behaviour.

Never a good idea to hot-plug an inductive load - power down and then change the wiring.

I connected a 9V Block (battery) to the externel power input of my arduino uno not to the servos directly. I conected the servo (witch is labelt to use 4.8V) With positive to 5V on the arduino, GND to GND of the board and data to PWM 9. As code i used, like i said the example "sweep". But thats all nothing special what confuses me is that this exact setup has workd in the past. :confused:

So that means you are putting all the servo power thorough the on board voltage regulator. Not a very good idea.

It worked yesterday but not today. 1) You have damaged something with this bad circuit arrangement or 2) The battery no longer provides enough voltage. Measure the voltage when under load. That is with the motors connected and running.

dr_wahlnuss: I connected a 9V Block (battery)

What sort of 9v battery. The small PP3 type are completely useless as they can't provide enough current or enough energy.


ok i am try now running the servos on seperate power and will report you if it was sucessful. Demaged arduino would be a shame because it is nearly brand new and an original ... :disappointed_relieved:

ok problem solved i noticed the rx and tx leds to kepp being dark.It was the programmer witch uploaded the programm to the wrong com port :D . I still tried the external power witch workes not better as the now again working direct power input.