Servo project

I am going to start off by saying i am sorry if i looked over anything on the web or i am in the wrong section for the questions i am asking.

I am doing a project for school and have just started using the arduino for the first time with a redboard, and it is kicking my butt. i have done some c++ coding in the past but all the info i have found for arduino seems to not be pointing me in the right direction.The goal of mine is to set it up so i can power on the board and as soon as i press a a button that there will be a pause for 2 seconds then have the motor run for 15 second (this time will vary with testing) and then stop and end code.

I will be useing the regular push button,the sparkfun red board,and the FS90R continuous servo. I have figured out how to set up the servo with a ground,power,and control.

Okay guys i found some code i could use and have got it to work the way i want, i am going to use the reset button as the button i wanted to code in. So all i have to do is plug in the board let the code run and if i want it to rerun it just hit the reset button.

#include <Servo.h>                           // Include servo library

Servo servoRight;                            // Declare right servo signal

void setup()                                 // Built in initialization block
  delay(10000);                              // Servo delay to start
  servoRight.attach(12);                     // Attach right signal to pin 12

  servoRight.writeMicroseconds(1300);        // Pin 12 clockwise
  delay(5000);                               // ..for 5 seconds

  servoRight.writeMicroseconds(1500);        // Pin 12 stay still
void loop()                                  // Main loop auto-repeats
{                                            // Empty, nothing needs repeating

with a redboard,

Is this an art project?

Is this an art project?

It's actually an engineering project where I have to make a car out of given materials and have it move and stop under its own power for a given distance between 16-22 feet.