Servo resetting my arduino?

Hello there!

Im using a tower pro MG995 servo. However it seems to be malfucntioning or something. Im using the sweep code in the arduino library as a test, but whenever i connect my servo to the arduino, GND to GND, power to power and signal to a pwm digital pin, it constantly reset my arduino the leds go off and on and on my computer it keeps making the sounds of connecting a disconnecting.

I dont know what to do, its never happened before to me.

So if anyone has had the same problem or knows what to do please help!

Thank you!

Give the servo its own power. The way you explained it, seems you have it powered from the Arduino 5V? Probably drawing too much current.

Edit: btw you don't have to use a pwm pin. Even the analog pins work with servos iirc.

OK i will try that, thank you!

Don’t forget to connect the grounds: see attached pic.

servo power.png

Those cheap TowerPro servos are are absolute rubbish!

I had to disassemble mine, resolder and reroute the wires to prevent shorting.
I Googled several user reports that the position pot used in the servo is very unreliable.

The MG 955 draws huge amounts of current sending huge positive and negative spikes through the position wire causing the Arduino to hang. (As seen on my oscilloscope)

I installed a 5.1v zener to crowbar the position wire.
To be safe I also added a 5.1v zener and a silicone diode in series to crowbar the external 5V supply to 5.7v

It is then reliable but untrustworthy.

Thanks for the advice George!