servo + standardfirmata + Maxuino Max patch

Hi, what i have: hardware: Arduino 2009, Hitec HS-985MG servomotor connections: AC to 6V DC 2000mA powersupply -> negative lead (black) -> Arduino ground servo black wires -> Arduino ground servo red wires -> AC to 6V DC 2000mA powersupply positive lead (red) servo yellow wires -> servo signal pins (Arduino digital pins 9 & 10) software: Arduino 0018 + MaxMSPJitter 5

I think that all the connections are good because everything is working with the "servo sweep" example sketch.

Now i want to control the position and speed from this servo with Max.

To start i use the Arduino > file > examples > firmata > standardfirmata plus the Maxuino 009 Max patches.

But when i start the "maxuino_test.maxpat" the servo will turn 1 degrees and that is it??? When i send data from Max to the Arduino it gets the data but servo stays blocked.

I think that it has something todo with a wrong PWM signal peak to this servo. I have looked thru all the code and tested but i nothing.

This Hitec HS-985MG servo needs: min. 3v PWM signal peak to peak from 900uS to 2100uS with 1500uS as neutral.

My question: How can i get this "standardfirmata" working from 900uS to 2100uS with 1500uS as neutral?