Servo Twitch when motor is initially used

I am creating a remotely operated vehicle and the servo on the vehicle twitches whenever the motors are moved during its beginning state. The motors are controlled by relay modules which could cause the induction load of the relay and motors lowering the voltage causing the servo to twitch. So because of this, I added a LC Pi filter to try and resolve the problem but it still twitches. I even tried connecting the servo to a completely separate power supply from the ROV but it still twitches when the motors are moved initially. Any ideas? Thanks

AFAIK this is normal as the pins initialise type behaviour.

I also see it with my CNC and other motors as the board first fires up.

It seems there is a pulse enough to activate some motors but here the go back to the original position.
My DC spindle motor used to twitch but having a disc capacitor across the terminals fixed that.