servo vs arduino mega

so i have downloaded the extended library for the mega board so i cna program the servo but i keep getting the error
23: error: MegaServo.h: No such file or directory In function 'void setup()':
In function 'void loop()':
im guessing i saved int he wrong spot bc the code is straight from the arduino playground examples for the mega.
can someone please verify where it is supposed to be saved?
currently order of folders arduino>hardware>libraries>servo and unziped there... right?

I don't completely understand, and I think you should post the code here to help, but before you do that, unzip the packaged MegaServo library as its own folder in the libraries folder, rather than in the servo folder so:


The files in the download will unzip into a directory called MegaServo.

If you extract into the hardware/libraries directory, it will create the directory called MegaServo and copy the files into there.

If you don't have a MegaServo directory at the same level as all of the other Arduino libraries then you have copied it into the wrong place.

thanks, i trhink i had it saved in some random spots so it was conflicting… it is working now.!