Servo with Arduino Pro Micro and/or Nano.


I have tried ever possible configuration of power and power supply for driving an mg90s servo from a Nano or Pro Micro.

The setup works fine on an Uno, amd I have tried powering from the Arduino board itself as well as several external power supplies.

The only response I ever get is an obnoxious clicking noise with either no movement or sporadic movement of thr servo.

I need advice at this point.

Use an external supply. Nano's 150mA power supply does not provide enough current.

The servo power supply must be able to supply about 1 Ampere per servo (for small servos, more for large ones). 4xAA batteries will work for one or two servos.

Don't forget to connect all the grounds!

Exactly what external power supplies did you test? Any 5V 1A or more supply will work as will 4 x 1.2V NiMH rechargeable AA batteries. They're better than standard 1.5V AAs because at 4.8V nominal they can run the servo and the Arduino and they can also provide more current if needed.