Servo with pwm

Hey guys, i just want to double check something. My arduino processor chip is dead now, so i cant check it first handed,

Can i have 6 pwm pins with pins that controls servos at the same time? would work, right?

If so, how can i get to run refresh() every 20ms if my program has many other parts to it, ie not just doing one thing?

Would i stick some inline code every x lines to check if it has been 20ms yet?

One, servos do not use PWM and true PWM signals could damage the servo. They use PPM instead, which has a strict limit on the widths and delays between the pulses.

Two, the built-in Servo library ONLY supports the pins 9 and 10, which it says in the documentation in the reference materials, and you should not use PWM analogWrite() calls elsewhere in your sketch to either of these pins.

There has been another Servo library that supports many servos at once, I think eight. I expect mem will pop in to give you some details on that library.

yeah, the software servo library,, supposed to work with all the pins on the arduino, just not as accurate or sth.

But it requires one to run refresh(); every 20ms. the example program does delay(20), but since my program would be doing something else, delay(20) wont work for me. how could i run refresh() every 20ms without delay(20)?

Benchaz, that library does need to be manually refreshed.

There is a new library I posted in the playground that does the refresh automatically and supports up to 12 servos (48 if you use the Mega board). More information here: