Servo with RFID trigger


This is my first semi large arduino project. I have some programming knowledge, some C++, Java, HTML so I am not new to syntax and coding. Hardware side of things I understanding cabling, wiring, and networking, that all being said I am new to this world called arduino lol. Now the fun stuff.

I am trying to create a automatically lifting shelf when an RFID is triggered, using a lift servo. Basically when someone puts the RFID tag on the receiver this triggers the servo to extend raising a otherwise hidden shelf. Revealing something inside.

Now the fun stuff. Arduino has an output of 5v the servo has an external power supply of 15v I have no idea how to bridge that gap, or how I would trigger the power supply at the correct time (when RFID is scanned). I am not sure how I would wire the servo onto the UNO board, or how I would program it correctly.

Some info on the servo. 15v power supply, it also has an up down switch installed inline. There are only 2 wires coming from the servo + -, upon removing the switch and testing out the way the servo worked I learned that Red = +, Black = -, when power is supplied the piston raises. To lower the piston if I reverse the way they are wired meaning Red = -, Black = +, the piston then retracts. Link to servo - Link to servo -

The RFID I am planning to use was just one that I purchased with an ELEGOO sensor kit. I figured for this project I would try and keep it as sensor compatible as possible.

Please help with anything you can as I am really excited to dive into this.

I guess you really are excited because you bought a linear actuator, not a servo. And the servo does not have limit switches so your program can determine when it is fully extended or fully retracted. You best investigate how you will add limit switches to your mechanism. You may also need to use a relay to control the actuator direction and a relay to turn the power on and off.

I suggest you first work on getting the actuator working with your Arduino and separately get the RFID working before combining the two into one program.