??Servocity Pan & Tilt Unit used as Motion Control

Hey there…
Im looking at getting a remote control head for my Sony XDCAM. But im concerned if getting a remote control Pan Tilt system from Servocity, it may not be possible to easily add a motion control system on it later on. I found this Pan and Tilt system from servocity on the web. servocity . com .
Also iv been looking at the Arduino and i do know it would do the job but only on a one speed setting.
Im needing a solution to program the moves onto a Mac and play them back through the Arduino which will be operating the Pan and Tilt unit from servocity? Iv found info on Dan Thompsons blog with overwhelming info that is such fantastic news.

Has anybody had any success with these controllers and the remote control head from servocity?

I seriously need some clear direction on what works and what doesnt, as im only looking just to use it for a indie film making and working on the odd job here and there.