Servomotor Powerbank

Dear Reader,
i want to connect my 5V 2A sevomotor to a 5V 2.1A Powerbank output, so i cut off one side of a micro USB type c cable and connect the 5v and ground to the servo motor.

When i do this, can i damage my servo? Do i need a diode or a capasitor for the servo?

Thanks for helping!

I think you mean hobby servo not servomotor! Different beasts.

Powerbanks disconnect if the load draws low power, and in general can't be used to power
loads that have lowish quiescent current draw. Hard to say if this will be the case.

No need for diode or capacitor, servos are designed for simple DC power.

I worry that your "5V 2A" servo might actually have a stall current a lot higher than 2A though.
Do you have details of the servo (ie link to datasheet or product page)