Servos on a long delay timer?

I'm wanting to get some ideas on using the arduino controller to run 1 servo every Thursday at 6 am everyweek.... will the arduino be able to do this if it's in sleep mode for 6 days? Any pointers on this would be great.

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What is going to wake it up?
You could use a real time clock module with an alarm feature.

Well I wasn’t sure if in sleep mode sensors would wake it up or not… never let an arduino go into sleep mode. Any examples of the real time clock modules you speak of?

What if I use a “wait” command and use 345,600 seconds as the time between when it’s turned on and from when the motor runs? My plan is to turn this on sometime on Sunday and on Thursday I want the motor to run at some point. Will the arduino be able to “wait” that long or will it die before then?


How To Wake Up Arduino From RTC Alarm Interrupt

Well I wasn’t sure if in sleep mode sensors would wake it up or not

I don’t think you understand sensors, they do not sleep. You can power them down if you take the right precautions but they do not sleep.

The processor does have a sleep mode but you must have something to wake it up. A real time clock chip or board with an alarm function can do this.

What if I use a “wait” command

No such thing, do you mean delay?

If so yes you could, but it would be silly, use the millis() timer so you still have the processor ready to respond to anything else you would like to add. But a real time clock is your real answer.

yes the RTC is what i’ve been looking for. didn’t know they had such a thing.

I know the sensors don’t ever sleep but I thought if the processor (arduino board) went to sleep the sensors may not be able to wake it up. wasn’t 100% sure.

thanks for the help

Did you already consider what will happen with the servo, when the Arduino is powered down?

Will your servo retain its last position when it doesn't receive pulses from the controller?
How much power will it consume then?