Servos powered from Arduino

I’m building an elephant like the one attached. Do you think I can power the servos direct from the Arduino 5V pin, or should I splash out on a 9V transistor radio battery?

robot elephant.jpg

No, defintely not. The 5v pin can't provide enough current for motors.

A 9v PP3 type battery would also be useless.

Servos need a 5v or 6v power supply with a current capability of about 1 amp per servo. If you want the power supply to be portable use rechargeable AA (or bigger) batteries or maybe LiPos - but they need to be managed carefully so they don't cause a fire. I presume a small 6v lead acid battery would be too heavy.

Bigger batteries (more amp-hrs) will allow your device to operate for longer.


I was kidding... that elephant is the size of a skyscraper and carries 40 passengers. Each servo (if indeed it uses servos) probably needs a V8 to power a generator.

A "V8" Shield? W here can I buy those?


I was kidding...


I hadn't noticed it was you posting - I assumed from the question it was a newbie.


That is one kick-ass robot though, no?

Skeptical me

[klaxon, klaxon] "Photoshop alert"

No, it must be real, I got it off 9Gag :smiley:

Probably has 50 slaves inside it and lots of levers, wire and string.

In reality it may not need much power - the legs themselves are probably light and there will be very little need to lift the total weight unless is is climbing a hill.


It seems real 40ft Robot Elephant - YouTube

Yes, it's real - really being pushed by a bulldozer or something.