servos, sensors. what board should I use?

Hey all. I am planning on setting up an Arduino to monitor a water cooling system on a themed build, but im not sure what Arduino I need to use.

I plan to have 3 temperature sensors, humidity sensor and a water flow sensor. DS18B20 (2), AM2302 (1) and this flow sensor:

Id like to use the inputs to run 5 servos to act as analog gauges for a display. I plan to make an external power board to power everything so I only need the arduino for signal processing.

For space reasons, Id like to use a nano but I'm not sure it is able to do what I need. If I need to run an UNO R3 that's also fine.

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.

Arduino Nano & UNO are almost similar, expect for the size. So, you can use Arduino Nano in your project.

Arduino Nano has around 13 digital I/Os and 8 analog I/Os and you are just using 5 to 7 sensors/modules, so Arduino Nano will work for you.

great, thank you.

Pro Mini is another possibility, but you need a USB->serial converter lead to program it.