ok so im trying something new to try to make things easier for me. Im trying to make it so when a servo goes to a certain degree, another servo moves to a degree, for example, if servo1 goes to 70, i wan servo2 to go to 180. Is it possible to do this? if so, can i get some guidance?

With normal hobby servos you can command a movement, but there is no way to know when the movement is complete. I mean that there is no positional feedback from the servo to the Arduino*. You could wait a certain time after the command to move for the servo to get there or install some sort of positional feedback.

*Normal hobby servos do not supply positional feedback, but there are servos available that do.

damn, ok, thanks though!

You could put a switch or optical interrupter or reflective sensor or hall effect magnetic sensor at 70 degrees to sense the Servo position. That would not be hard to do.

Or you could hack your servo: