ServoTimer2 not compatible with Pro Micro

Does anyone know a good alternative or a fix how to use ServoTimer2 on Pro Micro? My whole project is on a Pro Micro and I wasn't able to use Servo.h because THAT wasn't compatible with SoftwareSerial.h.
How do I use a damn Servo Motor on a micro without Servo.h?

Why software serial?

Because I'm using a BME680 and a GPS and I believe those need that library.
(Sorry for delayed responses, I am new so there's a 5 minute cool-down in between posts until I reach 100 posts.)

BME680 is I2C or SPI (IIRC), and the GPS could use the serial port.
The Pro Micro has both serial and USB.

Well, yes I suppose I could change the GPS but then I'll need to solder everything all over again. Is that the easiest way to do it?

If this is the easiest way however, could you tell me how to wire it? I'm quite new and not quite sure how all the wirings work (SPI, I2C)

I can't tell you how to wire your project, because I know nothing about it, but I do know that if there's a UART to connect a GPS to, I'd use it, rather than use software serial.

It's at most two wires, so rewiring shouldn't be such a big deal.

So my GPS is wired with RX and TX... is that SPI?
My BME680 which is also on the same arduino is wired with Miso Mosi (SDO, SDI)
And then I have the Servo that appearently isn't compatible (in libraries) 'cause I need Servo.h but I can't use that at the same time as SoftwareSerial.h

I've never seen an SPI GPS.
That's not to say they don't exist, but the data rates of a GPS don't typically merit SPI.
Serial is much more common.

I can't see a 680 datasheet at the moment, but SPI is more than just MOSI/MISO.

Again, a 680's data rates don't really merit SPI, so why not I2C?

If you don't have to use software serial,don't, and then you won't have a problem with Servo.h


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