Set Advertising to Service Data GAP type 0x16 for Eddystone

How do I set Advertising to Service Data GAP type 0x16 for Eddystone Broadcasting instead of Type 0x09 (Complete Local Name)?

I am making my Arduino 101 an Eddystone Beacon. I’ve looked over the history in the GitHub repo, and I think I’m close. I’m not sure how to cause the Advertising Type to switch from 0x09 to 0x16. I think the solution is in the Characteristic constructor. I am using the same UUID as I use for the Service (“FEAA”) as the UUID for the Characteristic, but I don’t know if that repetition of the Eddystone UUID in the Characteristic as well as in the Service is correct.

BLECharacteristic characteristic( “FEAA”, BLEBroadcast, 20 );

Using the nRF Connect app for Android I can confirm that the device is Advertising, but clicking the RAW button reveals that the advertising data is being broadcast as TYPE 0x09 (Complete Local Name) instead of 0x16 (Service Data), as specified in the GAP Spec:

I looked at the source in GitHub and the only place BLEDeviceManager::instance()->setAdvertisedServiceData is called is in BLECharacteristic::writeValue.

I’m calling characteristic.writeValue and characteristic.broadcast() every 1000 ms in my loop method.

I’ve installed the Board Manager for Curie 2.0.2 and Libaray CurieBLE 2.0.0

I see that @bneedhamia did work to set the advertising data to Service Data last year and that work was added to the official repo but later removed, I think when BLEPeripheral was deprecated.

Solution: you must not set a local name with BLE.setLocalName (and a few other quirks listed below).

See my GitHub repo for a working EddystoneURL sample:


_advDataInit method
checks if _local_name.length() > 0 and then sets the advertisement data
next, when it checks _service_data_length > 0 it finds that there's not enough space so it doesn't add the Service Data.

A few other quirks:
— Use Eddystone UUID ("FEAA") for both Service and Characteristic
— Only BLEBroadcast property is required in second BLECharacteristic constructor parameter (omit BLERead and BLEWrite if you prefer)
— Be sure the third parameter in the BLECharacteristic constructor, valueSize, is at least as long as the Service Data array or the Service Data will be truncated
— Do not set a Local Name for the BLE. If you do it prevents the advertisement from being configured as type ServiceData.
— You must call characteristic.broadcast();
— You must call characteristic.writeValue after calling characteristic.broadcast