Set all pins as output? Serial?

I need to recieve serial data, while having every possible digital pin as an output.

Right now, I have pins 0 through 13 connected to something. I am trying to go for a parallel interface with the SID chip, and for now, everything is going well but I have heard bad things about setting pin 1 (serial recieve) as an output.

Now, I see on my board, 0 is RX, and 1 is TX, but I won’t worry about that.

Is there a way to get 14 output pins and still be able to talk over USB?

You have to access the port directly in 0007, but you can use your analog inputs as digital pins. Something like…

DDRC |= _BV(pin);  // make port C, pin (0..5) an output
PORTC = ( (PORTC & ~_BV(pin)) | (val << pin) ) // set port c, pin 'pin' to 'val' which had better be only 0 or 1
DDRC &= ~_BV(pin); // make port C, pin (0..5) an input again, set the output value off or you will leave a pull up resistor turned on that will mess up your analog reads.

if ( PINC & _BV(pin)) {  // if port C, pin (0..5) is set...

… just the thing for a pin junky.

well lol, the reason I use my arduino board is because it has the female headers because I don’t want to make a bunch of connectors to use the 40 some output of my wiring board.

I need all the pins because I need to write these all as ports and I know the binary values:

B00000001 on portb and like B00001001 on portd will set frequency to blah and blah blah blah.

If I declare portc as an output, I’d want to write to it just like PORTC = B111111

I’m going to test this now, thanks!