Set Arduino 2560 Serial2 to 9600, even, 7, 2

Hello All,

This is my first post and am rather new to all this so if I have broken some posting standards my apologies. I am the new owner of the Arduino 2560 and am trying to connect to an Alpha LED display which uses 9600, even , 7 , 2 as its settings. The Arduino 2560 is connecting to the Alpha LED display on pins 16 and 17 Serial2 and Maxim 232 level shifter.

To try and debug the serial information I have disconnected the Alpha LED display and connected the Serial2(pin16,17)-->Maxim232-->COM1 on my PC and using a serial monitor (Docklight) and able to view the data. The Data looks good when Docklight is set to 9600 8, n 1. I have tried to change the settings of Arduino Serial2 to 9600 e 7 2 with snippets I have found on the net and tried to understand the datasheet and the UCSR bit settings but am so far unsuccesful.

Any help and an explanation of how this works would be much appreciated. Thanks

Found the solution to this Thanks to drspectro here is the link,15615.msg114288.html#msg114288