set one pin HIGH, get 4 pins HIGH

I had everything working fine on my arduino Leonardo, today a weird behaviour showed up: I have LED connected to all arduino pins, all of them are set to output. whenever I set one of the pins 2, 7, 8 or 13 to HIGH, all of them is set to high

I used the example code (blink)

any idea what could cause this issue? any possible way to reset my arduino except the reset button? (I tried the reset button but the same behaviour is still there) as if the four pins are connected to each others now! :(

yucefrizk: I used the example code (blink)

..... to which you must have made some changes, so let's see them.

How, exactly, are the LEDs connected to all of the pins? Does each one have a current limiting resistor in series? Does each one have the Anode connected to an output pin and the Cathode connected to Ground? When you say ALL pins, which ones do you mean? All digital pins? Including analog input pins?