Set reading frequency of imu sensors of arduino 101

Good morning, i'm a newbie of arduino, and i'm using it for my university project. I have a question: is there a way to set the reading frequency of imu sensors? Because in my project (you can see it here LINK) i'm sending the imu data (acceleration and gyroscope) of the arduino 101 to pc using BLE (on macbook air i run a node.js server with socket and i show them on a localhost webpage), but i have seen that the speed of update is very different from the ratio that can i by serial monitor connected by usb. So, my doubt is that maybe i'm trying to read from the sensor with a speed faster than the sensor can do and for this reason i'm asking if i can control it. Do you know also if there is a way to control the bluetooth speed? Thanks

PS: i have posted also in this section because maybe it is a specific function of arduino 101


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For sensor side Try

For BLE speed is conrolled by some define named MAX_CONN_INTERVAL as I posted in you another post

I think this is the right place for your arduino101 question. :)