Set the Arduino in Continuous Analog Input Mode


How set the Arduino in Continuous Analog Input Mode?

This is the link for arduino continuis samplin in labview


This seems to be a labview thing. Arduino doesn’t really do a continuous analog input. But you can do an analogRead() a bit faster than 10 a millisecond, so keep a buffer of the last 10 readings and dump that on request from your host.

Continuous Analog Input Mode

No such thing - look for it in the datasheet and you wont find it.

However if you do read the data sheet (or maybe) even the labview stuff you the find that the ADc can be used to perform continuous conversions. Maybe thats what lab view means?

You are not limited to analogRead()


Arduino DUE can sample continuously an analog input :

From the datasheet "16-channel 12-bit 1 msps ADC with differential input mode and programmable gain stage".

In Freerun mode plus a PDC DMA, you can parse continously your analog inputs in loop()