Set up problems

I was really excited because I just got my first Arduino board (Diecimilia)! i was trying to set up the environment to run on my machine (Windows XP) but after I extract the software onto my desktop (making sure I preserve the folder structure) I tried running the software, i got the error:

Java Virtual Machine:
Could Not Find Main Class. Program Will Now Exit.

I checked troubleshooting for the response, and then went back and checked my folder to make sure the PDE.jar file was in the lib/ subfolder (it was). but the software still didnt work. I tried extracting the file to the folder the Arduino still didnt work. I tried re-downloading the software and it still didnt fix my problem. :’(

could someone Please Help?


Well, let’s start with the version of java you have installed.

Try running the .bat file instead of the .exe file.