Setting digital pins that are not preset.


I'm trying to write code to for my Atmega 1280 chip that I've put into a custom circuit board.

My problem is that thus far I've used digital and analog pins that use digitalRead/digitalWrite, and analogRead/analogWrite.

I found a Arduino Mega pin out here:

On my custom board, I have built in LEDs tied to PJ2-PJ7 which are not set up for digital or analog pins and are unused on the prebuilt board, so using my usual arduino code doesn't work.

Is there syntax or code that will work around my issues?

I've been instructed that I'll have to manually change the pins to outputs, but I am not familiar with the code necessary. I just spent a while searching google and the forums.

Thanks for your responses!

I haven't tested it yet, but here is the stuff I was looking for in case anyone has the same problem.