Setting required frequencies for MPU6050 datalogging

Hi there.

(Using a geuine arduino uno and elegoo nano's to implement data recording from an MPU6050)

Some of you may remember me posting about my motorcycle analysis project a few months ago. I am still working on this project but have found an issue. The natural frequency of the unsprung mass is around 11 Hz. Using the DMP code from Jeff Rowberg i was getting a frequency of 17Hz. My plan is to use some of the 2D Debus sensor and logger kits to verify the results i got but i am unable to use it all the time. I believe (not based on any evidence) that the DMP filters the results it gets from the accelerometer to remove noise. However, it would be better in my application to have the noise and filter as i see fit using a program such as matlab. I have been told to try and increase the frequency on the sensor so i was going to use the raw output. However i still have some questions;

  • What is the normal overall frequency of the MPU6050 using the DMP code?

  • What is the maximum frequency that can be achieved using the above boards and the DMP example code?

  • is the raw data collection much faster than using the DMP code?

  • what is the max frequency of the mpu6050 chip?

  • using a genuino uno and elegoo nano with the atmega328p chip and using the raw data code, what is the maximum frequency obtainable?

Sorry if this has been answered before but most posts go off on a tangent, or it doesnt have specific information. Also it could be nice to have all this info in one place for people like me who need help with this stuff.

Many Thanks