setting resistance using digital out


in this tutorial they use the AD5206 to set variable resistance. Although this is exactly what I need, I can't seem to find it. My local electronics shop wanted 15? for it while I have seen prices as low as 0.5? (but they don't ship to belgium unless you order 1000pcs) while others even get is a a free sample [PD] Lua and PD

My question: a good source or a good alternative for the AD5206 or is 15euros actually a good price for a that IC?


15? is a total ripoff. Digikey carries that part in a 24-PDIP for US$4.86 (about 3.70? at today's rate). Do they not ship to Belgium? I can see the international shipping on a single part being onerous -- maybe you can go in with some buddies to put together a big Digikey order?

If none of that works for you, drop me a line privately and I'll see what I can do about putting a few on my next order and sending them on.

try farnell in belgium:

Although farnell have them they want me to order 62pcs at once at 2.42? still sets me back 150? VAT excl. I might use them for other parts though, didn't know their existence.

digikey will ship a single IC... for $32

and then Belgian customs claims another 10? administrative costs (had this before) and taxes even on the shipping cost (which is no added value). No, I'm done ordering in the US. They seem to have a very discouraging policy for this.


Thats strange, Farnell in Denmark doesen't look like they would force me to buy more than one, or maybee i didn't see that.

Farnell do have a minimum order, in the UK this is about £25.00 maybe this is where you think the minimum quality is coming from. Just buy other stuff as well.

the problem is they don't have them in stock.
when trying to change qty to 1 I get

Product 1423730 moet worden besteld in hoeveelheden van 62. We hebben de hoeveelheid gewijzigd van 1 naar 62

which simply means they changed my 1 to 62 because it has to be ordered in that quantity. The strange thing is, 63 is possible. and I can order a 5.6? IC that is in stock without any troubles.
but I'm not spending 150? on 62 identical ICs :slight_smile:

anyone needs 61 of these in Belgium?


Yep looks like you are right, I have never seen that from Farnell in over 30 years of dealing with them. Also they are out of stock in the UK as well. I tried RS and Maplin and they don’t have them at all.

I would try and contact Analog Devices, tell them the tale, and ask for a sample.

They are sending me a sample!