Setting the humidity to water plants with a 4x4 keypad

I have set some codes for a water pump with humidity sensor, where when the humidity falls below a certain point(this is set in the codes) the pump will be automatically activated until the humidity reaches the certain point, I want to add 4x4 keypad to set the humidity point when the arduino is working. I also have a lcd 16x2 to display. I just need the codes for doing that.

The hd44780 library for character based LCDs with the hd44780 controllers is an excellent library. I(t can be used for I2C or parallel 4 bit pin interfaces. It can be installed via the IDE library manager and comes with extensive documentation and example code.

The Keypad library also has example code and tutorials.

Did you ran some tutorials of the display and keyboard already?

My humidity sensor, pump and my lcd works perfectly fine. But I wanna change the set humidity using keypad

Which humidity sensor? 12V pump?

Dht11 and yes it's a 12volt pump using a relay

So, for instance, if you touch the “1” button on the keypad, you want it to basically read the DHT sensor and act on that action based on a certain humidity value? Is that correct?

That sort of information belongs in the original post.

What have you done with the keypad? Can you read it? Post the code that you have tried. Tell us what the code actually does and how that differs from what you want.

Post a schematic of your wiring.

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