Setting things up in Europe

I've been doing a lot of research about controlling x10 through arduino, but nearly all of it is specific to America, I was wondering if somebody could help clear somethings up for me for Europe, specifically Spain.

We operate on the 433Mhz frequency, so things like the 'firecracker' don't work here, is there are similar replacement for this that will work here? Or could I use a simple, normal 433Mhz RF transmitter?

Also, is there any specific x10 transceiver I must use? Or is the ability to receive RF messages enough?

My aim is to be able to control a few different lights in my home from my iPhone, eventually locks, blinds, etc.. The iPhone side is all setup, I am just worried about spending money on the x10 stuff, and it all being wrong.


There are X-10 units sold for use here in the UK... but I don't know if there's a difference again between here and Spain, though. Just trying to be encouraging!