Setting up a rechargeable power supply for a NodeMCU board with an on/off switc

Hey everyone,

I was hoping for some advice on building a rechargeable power supply for a NodeMCU 12E wifi microcontroller.

I have a Lithium Ion Polymer Battery - 3.7v 2500mAh that i'll connect to GND and Vin pins on the nodeMCu board. The board already has a 3.3v capacitor so I think that should be doable. I'll also have an Adafruit Micro-Lipo charger for that battery.

I also want to have an ON/OFF switch to power off the NodeMCU. I've programmed the software on it to configure itself as an access point and when a device connects to it, it'll print the mac address of that devices network controller to an OLED display.

I'm confused on how I should go about setting up how to turn the controller off. I googled around and think it could be doable by doing this: wiring a push button to RST & GND pins and then at the end of my code having a call to ESP.deepsleep().

I think what I'm most confused about is setting up the circuit for an on/off switch. I've never done anything with circuits before and would appreciate any advice / resources / guidance.

Thanks all.