Setting-Up an image database using Arduino

Hello everybody,

I am starting a project regarding the setting up of an image database using Arduino. I imagine that I will use a "Pixy camera" which will need to be connected to an Arduino board of some type. After the camera takes a picture, the image will be transferred to a database on a host computer. The transfer of the picture to the database on a host computer will occur via a usb cable connected from the host computer to the Arduino board.

I have never used an Arduino board, so this leads me to my first question. What kind of Arduino board do I need to purchase for this type of project? My thoughts are that the Arduino board will need to have a lot of memory, since pictures require a lot of space. Also, I'm thinking that the CPU speed on the Arduino board will need to be high enough to process data quickly due to the amount of memory pictures can take.

Lastly, are there any books/tutorials on how to write code for the Arduino board involving the handling of pictures and transferring files/data from an Arduino board to a host computer? Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.


An Arduino is not really suitable either for images or databases. They do not have enough CPU speed or SRAM capacity.

Have you considered a RaspberryPi ?