setting up and using 2x16, 2x20, and 4x20 I2C OLED Displays by WIDE.HK

I have bought many I2C OLED displays from on ebay. I LOVE these displays, the contrast is unreal and they are soooo thin and hardly take any current.

trouble was, no real libraries around or good code examples - ALL of the ones i found on the net are full of errors -- switching between CGROMS A,B,C is a big one, among other things -- 2 line vs 4 line, etc.

I sat down and read the SSD1311 Spec at least a dozen times until i thought I understood it completely. I have written an initialization sequence and some basic functions that, unchanged, will work on all three types of their I2C displays, the 2x16, 2x20, and the 4x20.

i use them on all of my projects, some of which can be seen on youtube in a seriously raw, unedited for the public video- using my iphone. look for 'nucloid99' on youtube to see the displays.

i'll try and post the sample code here, that has all the functions you need: INIT (a big one), set cursor, send a line, clear display, display a float, etc

well, i messed up and posted the wrong code – that was a segment of a library i was trying to make.

darn. i’ll try posting a good one again… sorry about that. it looks like when i did the ‘add attachment’ - i added the wrong file.

ok, i’ll try to add the right one now.


nucleoid, It is obvious you put a lot of work into this project. I have ordered two WIDE OLED displays and will attempt to get them working using your code. I also viewed your you tube videos. These displays look very nice. Much better than LCD. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again for providing this for our use.

Had success with the WIDE.HK OLED multi-interface display. Used the Adafruit OLED library but had to modify the initialize portion to work correctly. This is a very nice display and very easy to use. I chose the 4-bit 6800 parallel interface option.

Now trying to get the second WIDE OLED working. It is I2C only and so far no luck. As said before, there is no library for these displays so it is a lot of trial and error to get them working. WIDE has a Url on the display package but neither one worked. If I have success, I will post the solution.