setting up arduino on breadboard; SPI problem


So I am trying to build a low cost project and I was excited that I could use arduino on a breadboard as described by this article:

The issue I am facing with this is that in my project I need to communicate with another device using SPI and hence require the TX and RX pins. But the tutorial for standalone uses these pins for the connection with computer.

Is there some way around this? Or would I have to have a arduino board (UNO etc) for first finalizing the code and then plug this into my breadboard?

SPI uses pin (10) 11 12 13 - so why do you need RX TX (pin 0 & 1)

Ah yes I didn't see that before though according to the atmega 168 the pins for SPI would be 17,18,19 (MOSI, MISO, SCK)

Thank you!