Setting up low power consuming RF transceivers


I'm currently trying to set up communication between two NRF 24l01 transceivers. In my setup, I have two radios operating in sleep mode for the majority of the time, every once in a while I would want them to wake up and check if there's another radio within reach, then set up communication. Ideally the NRFs would wake up, send out a signal (a ping) and wait to hear something back, if they don't, they go back to sleep.

However, I can't figure out how I would get one to transmit while the other is receiving at the same time. If you're wondering, I'm going for this implementation so that I could ideally scale it to more than just these two modules in the future (any rf radio can speak with another one).

Does anyone know of a similar implementation from before? Or do you have any recommendations?

Unless you have some independent means of synchronizing the transmitter and receiver, you have to rely on chance.

One possibility is to transmit at precise intervals. The receiver listens until it gets a transmission, then sets its clock to wake up just before the next one.